A structured process which provides an independent appraisal of one (or more) executives.

Seeks to identify the degree of abilities and critical values related to an ideal profile, to ensure that a function is successfully performed.
Recommended actions aimed at eliminating gaps and/or developing skills.


Adds value, especially in the following situations:

  • Mergers and/or acquisitions of companies

  • Changes in corporate strategy or values

  • A change of shareholders or a takeover by new shareholders

  • A new profile for the function

  • A structured career development

Methodology / Process


  • Meetings to clearly understand the requirements and to define key competencies and critical values

  • Inform/explain the process to participants

  • Use of instruments suca as (Hogan, SuccessTools, MBTI I / II, LPA®, Personal Strengths, OPQ32)

  • Structured, tailor-made résumé

  • 360°assessment (optional)

  • Individual competencies-based interview

  • Preparation of final report by the Consultants

  • Preliminary feedback for Managers

  • Individual feedback for the executive (optional)