A structured process focused on developing competencies/behaviors required for an individual to achieve his/her goals/aims and aspirations.

Coaching enables:


  • A process of investigation and reflection.

  • A personal discovery of points to be developed and qualities.

  • An increased self-awareness.

  • An increased ability to take responsibility for their own life and career.

  • Specific feedback.



Stages for the initial mapping of Competencies and the action plan to be developed with the Coachee:

  • 360º assessment for the Coachee to have an idea of how they affect others; to compare the perception they have of themselves with those of others.

  • Tests such as MBTI®/LPA® to assist the Coachee to have a better understanding of themselves.

  • A structured résumé prepared by the Coachee, detailing their career background, achievements and aspirations.
    Individual, periodic meetings with very clear rules and roles.

  • Clear and objective goals with realistic and measurable action plans focused on changes of attitudes and behaviors, in addition to the development of specific abilities, according to the “SMART” concept – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timebound.