Executive Search

Focus is given to quality and speed of response. Aware of the pressure companies are under when hiring executives, the Partners at Talent Solution differentiate themselves from others by their personal involvement in all stages of the process.


Includes a thorough understanding of the corporate strategy and culture, the organizational structure, detailed profiles, the critical competencies of the function and the executive, including market trends for the business in question.

At Talent Solution, all Executive Search processes are undertaken by at least two Partners of the Firm, in addition to the Support provided by the Consulting Team.


  • Frequent communications with the Client and the Candidates, keeping them informed of the development and status of the project.


  • We aim to present at least three to four Candidates, aligned with the ideal profile for the function, interviewed and referenced by Talent Solution; within an average tenor of two to three weeks.


  • Candidate reports, as well as the status of the project are customized according to the Client’s requirements.


  • Professional, academic and credit references of finalist Candidates are checked.


  • We offer the Client the option of doing an assessment with the finalist Candidate and his immediate superior, by means of a psychometric instrument (Launch Pad Questionnaire - LPQ™) covering 37 characteristics, thus helping to identify synergies and alerting to possible gaps between styles.


  • Search projects are undertaken based on an exclusive mandate.


  • We offer a guarantee of one (1) year for executives at Director and Board levels; and six (6) months for middle management levels.

As a question of principle, we make an effort so that all executives approached regarding a position receive feedback about the process in which they are participating.