Executive Search

Focus is given to quality and speed of response. Aware of the pressure companies are under when hiring executives, the Partners at Talent Solution differentiate themselves from others by their personal involvement in all stages of the process.



A structured process which provides an independent appraisal of one (or more) executives.
Seeks to identify the degree of abilities and critical values related to an ideal profile, to ensure that a function is successfully performed.
Recommended actions aimed at eliminating gaps and/or developing skills.




A structured process focused on developing competencies/behaviors required for an individual to achieve his/her goals/aims and aspirations.
Coaching enables:
- A process of investigation and reflection.
- A personal discovery of points to be developed and qualities.
- An increased self-awareness.
- An increased ability to take responsibility for their own life and career.
- Specific feedback.



Consulting and tailor-made projects built to support clients specific demands and needs.