Founded in early 2005, the Firm has knowledge and expertise in practically all business segments: Financial Services, Retail, Agribusiness, Consumer Goods, Technology, Telecommunications, Capital Goods, Healthcare, Aviation, Pharmaceutical, Construction, Chemical, Textile, Automotive, Petrochemical, Energy, Hotel, Entertainment and Media, Consulting, General Services and NGOs, among others.


TO BE RECOGNIZED as a differentiated Consulting Firm in the Human Resources services market, meeting and/or exceeding our Clients’ expectations.


TO CONSOLIDATE OUR IMAGE in the market, through our commitment to our clients and their needs; adopting a posture of flexibility, availability and pragmatism; aiming at achieving consistent results and quality.


The concept of professionalism is based on ethics, freedom of spirit, objectivity, informality, responsibility and generosity. This is the basis for obtaining excellent and gratifying results.

HARMONY must be valued in all relationships.

The PASSION for what we do is the basis of our true dedication. This implies focus, respect, sensitivity and attention.

DIVERSITY creates value. Creativity and innovation are the result of keeping ourselves open to new ideas/concepts, by an absence of prejudices in relation to people, styles and new ways of working.